The beliefs that christians hold about their responsibilities essay

The year after that he led a march, with over a quarter of a million people, both black and white, in the capital city of Washington. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that us Christians should use only natural family planning, when it comes down to sexual intercourse, but only for genuine reasons.

The march was for the new civil rights bill, which was trying to relax the circumstances of black people. Both sides must learn to be open-minded to the other side and learn to respect the fact that they have different thoughts and views.

In this coursework essay I am going to express the many beliefs Christians have on others and world poverty and the many things Christians can learn from the bible references in the modern world.

Disobedience is cited as not believing the Christian view regardless of ones upbringing or inherited tendencies in accepting whatever belief they have become convinced of. A Christian duty with his own money, yes, not with other peoples.

Christ had the same attitude to everyone be it young, old, rich or poor, he saw no one as inferior. On one occasion God instructed the Israelite warriors to mercilessly kill every living thing including the animals except they could keep the young virgin girls for themselves.

The two most important commandments is about love, to love the lord our God with all our soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself meaning loving ourselves makes the union between him and us strong 1 John 3: How Christianity can honestly feel that the religion reflects a God of love is completely beyond me.

However, Christians believe life is a gift from God and only God has control over life and death.

What Christians believe

These hospices provide a loving environment where a patient can die peacefully and with dignity. And assisted suicide is wrong as it is seen as a form of murder. These are people who are just as dedicated, sincere and earnest as the devout Christian.

In other words people should not take their lives e. They would be considered very sick indeed.

How Christians might put their beliefs into action

God had not instructed them otherwise. It could only imply a masochist or despotic God who enjoyed creating suffering. In the UK abortion has been legal sincewhen it was passed in parliament.

Christians who do this will be serving God, which can be done in many ways for example looking after others in their community or the community of the entire world. Christians also unit to help raise funds for the needy of hold healing or deliverance services for the sick.

The beliefs Christians hold about their responsibility

The apostle Paul touches on such responsibilities in his concluding statement in the 15th chapter of his first letter to the Corinthians. There is no condemnation but each and every creation of God is fulfilling a grand role in the overall scheme of things, from Mother Teresa to Adolph Hitler.

In conclusion, personally I feel that Christians are right to try and convert other people, to Christianity. It reminds Christians of Christ being there for all of mankind. God showed his love by giving us his son Jesus Christ on the cross to give us salvation john 3: Why did God put the forbidden tree there in the first place?.

Jesus himself taught that Christianity is about preserving life, not destroying it. 'What Christians believe about life is up to them. They should not try to make others accept their position.' Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer, showing that you have considered more than one point of view.

Beliefs Christians Hold about their Responsibility for those at the Beginning and End of their Lives words - 6 pages Beliefs Christians Hold about their Responsibility for those at the Beginning and End of their Lives Christians believe that God has mapped out our lives even before our conception.

Nov 28,  · i have an R.S essay to do and i need your help. i am not a Christian, so these are not my beliefs, but there are so many christians here, and i was wondering if you could help me! spirit, Nov 19, Their belief was based on whatever had attracted them to that particular sect and then was ingrained by constant reinforcement.

We are clearly subjects of our conditioning. The Muslims believe Islam because they were born and raised in that culture and the same goes for the Christian or Jew.

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The beliefs Christians hold about their responsibilities for those at the beginning and end of their lives. The Christian beliefs towards our duty and responsibilities towards others at the beginning and end of their lives can be explained by the teachings of Jesus.

From the very routes of the creation of human life, the duty of our responsibility is set.

The beliefs that christians hold about their responsibilities essay
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What does the Bible say about a Christian's responsibility?