Write an editorial about the civil war soldiers

Stephens, now Vice-President of the Southern Confederacy. I remain here, broken in health and bankrupt in fortune, awaiting my fate, whatever it may be. He served in Co. Lee 's Confederate incursion north ended at the Battle of Gettysburg.

On one side the Government, on the other side the rebels, have their plan and policy by which they propose to abide. And it is strange men can not see that the moment they cease to be obedient subjects to their own laws, they cease also to be sovereigns.

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He was raised on his father's acre estate near Winchester, called Retirement. Therefore, Fourthly, Let it be distinctly proclaimed by the Government, and by all loyal public journalists, that the nature of the war is to be such as I have set forth above; that the South is not to be subjugated, but liberated—not the black but the white race; that the old order of things is to be restored as it was; that the people are to be protected from the unlawful violence of their usurping tyrants, and to suffer no unlawful violence at the hands of their deliverers.

This revolution is aggressive, insolent, and overbearing in the extreme. The "domestic journal" for of the lawyer and landholder Samuel M.

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Its dignity must be upheld. She wants cotton much, but she wants sound constitutional liberty more.

American Civil War

Of that, I have no doubt. But when they hear Joseph Holt declare: Men must be taught—the whole American people must learn—that it is a fearful thing to rebel against the Government—that the laws must absolutely be obeyed.

Daily entries range from under 20 to a maximum of about 75 words; each entry occupies one page. Union Troops Act to Protect the City Union forces were first seen in the former Confederate capital between eight and nine on the morning of Monday, April 3.

Cato replied, and his reply is the only oration of his preserved to us. By this weak policy loyal citizens of the States which first "seceded" were left without protection and encouragement in their loyalty ; and thus cut off and neglected, they gradually acquiesced in the existing state of things, and came to regard the usurpation as their Government, and their old Government as a foreign Power.

It remains the deadliest war in American history. A despotic monarch, having no advisers to defer to, no responsibility to fear, and no laws to obey, can act with a promptitude, an energy, and a secrecy which are rarely compatible with the checks and trammels of limited governments.

But what makes splendor. That is just the point. E, 14th New York State Militia, completing three years' service and rising from private to sergeant before mustering out in May The power of a free and an able press is such that wise men have doubted whether it were possible to carry on a long war in its presence.

American Civil War

Jul 11,  · I'm really not understanding this " write an editorial about the civil war from the point of view of a union supporter or a confederate supporter.

EXPLAIN why the war must be fought and what is at sake" Can any one explain what a Union supporter is and a Status: Resolved. In this unprecedented work of history, one of America's leading Civil War historians draws from nineteenth-century newspapers, letter, & soldiers' diaries to recreate the experiences of African-American troops in the Civil War/5(6).

If Obama deemed a civil war in a sovereign nation to be cause for America to take sides and MURDER Libyan soldiers under the auspices of the United Nations, the Arab League and a few European countries, how in the world will he be able to resist doing the same thing for.

Whitman, who had worked as a “wound-dresser” in Union hospitals during the Civil War, knew how important it was to address in poetry what he had personally experienced. Nearly years later, thousands of U.S. troops are returning from war with their own stories to tell. I know of nothing else like them for black soldiers in the Civil War.

I need help with editorial...for history?

They give an unparalleled picture of the activities and thoughts of a black regiment by one of its enlisted men. The first category listed is “Soldiers of the Union and Confederate Armies of the Civil War.” Of course, by the time these two laws were enacted most Civil War veterans had passed and there were very few widows remaining to receive the benefits of these laws.

Write an editorial about the civil war soldiers
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